Fussy Eating in the Group Environment: Education Professional Video


Feeding kids in the group environment, especially with fussy kids, has it’s unique considerations. Get the tools to help your early childhood centre be best in class with educators that understand the complexities of eating and HOW to help fussy children in their care.

The video is approximately 45 minutes long and covers a foundation understanding of why fussy eating starts in typically developing children at about 18mths (to 3 yrs) and what an early learning environment can do to assist.

The Ellyn Satter division of responsibility model is explained for educators and parents that wonder why children have different eating behaviours in the group environment compared to at home. Some children have heightened anxiety, it is important not to exclude them but to empower them without pressure. Some children will thrive in the group environment and feel overwhelmed later at home refusing dinner. Learn more about these behaviours and the mindset shift you need to help children be less anxious and happy food learners.

Presented by children’s nutritionist, Simone Emery. Links to other resources are also provided to continue your learning adventure with children.


Informative video for early learning educators wanting to empower themselves with understanding fussy eating in group environments. We cover:

  • Fussy Eating Root Causes and Tools to Assist within A Group Setting
  • Group Behaviour
  • Structure of Mealtimes in Early Learning Environments
  • Ideas for Empowering Children at Meals

This is a great investment in your role as an educator of children in early childhood group environments.

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