Initial Feeding Consultation with Children’s Nutritionist, Simone Emery.

September 2020 Update – Private Consultations are Currently ON HOLD until COVID-19 Restrictions are lifted in Victoria. Even though the consults are online, Simone has 2 children at home with her and full-time Masters studies to work on. My apologies for any inconvenience. Yet, many of my online resources (videos) have been changed to “Name Your Price” to help you in the meantime! People that have bought videos or books from me over lock down have been given first choice of time slots in October as a sign of my immense gratitude. Other spots will open in November – please be on my email list to hear about those spots. Communication via social media is not easily tracked. 

Start saying “Goodbye” to picky (fussy) eating with Simone Emery today. A guided and supported program to help busy parents understand picky behaviours and nurture a healthy eater. We will go through a detailed understanding of why YOUR child isn’t eating the foods you want them to, how to handle food refusal, anxiety and give you real day-to-day meal inspiration.

Goodbye Picky Eating includes your CONSULTATION and instant access to a bundle of mobile responsive learning modules, videos & MORE!

Consultation Options:

  • Parent Video or Phone Call Consultation
  • Online Platform Consultation including a Guided Therapy Meal with your Child
  • Home visit therapy meal

Bonuses include many recipes, printables and a value packed workbook.

More details below…

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How would it feel to say goodbye to picky eating?

And getting rid of the stress you associate with feeding your family?

Do you want to serve your kids a variety of healthy food and see them learn about it instead of refuse, throw, ignore or run away from it?

If you want to see the end of tears, frustration and worry over what you child is just not eating, you’re in the right spot.

Would you like to see the light of happy mealtimes on your horizon?

Goodbye Picky Eating with Simone Emery is a supported and guided way for you to turn it all around. Get professional assistance with for your fussy eater by exploring the root causes of fussy eating and the strategies that will suit your family to turn mealtimes around.

A one-on-one consultation is included, and available world-wide, that brings the included bundle of information to life for your family in a meaningful way (see below for details.) Or, if you prefer a home visit to Melbourne, Simone can chat to you about an additional travel charge (if over 10km from Bentleigh) to have your first consult in your home. 

What Does this Purchase Get You?

  • INITIAL CONSULTATION with Simone Emery ONE-ON-ONE to talk about what your family needs the most from this course and getting you on the right path quicker to happy family mealtimes. Or, have this consult at home in Melbourne*
  • 8 easy-to-read modules delivered to you across the next four weeks, filled with visuals, videos and activities. In 8 easy-to-follow modules, you will go through at all facets of kitchen and dining life including nutrition, meal planning for fussy eaters and how to stuff your sleeves with tools to bring more happiness to the dinner table.
  • Fun exercises and ideas for you to put your learning into action straight away.
  • Practical workbook for you to print.
  • Insightful and engaging videos into the kitchens and mealtimes of other families.
  • Special guest interviews.
  • Lifetime access to the materials
  • Summary report
    *Travel charge applies for Melbourne home-based initial consultations for $40 per session (over 10 km from Bentleigh).

Bonus eBooks

  • Budget Friendly Family Meals 
  • Happy Family Meals –  10 family recipes by Shari from Good Food Week
  • Family Media Management Tool Kit from Dr Kristy Goodwin
  • Witching-Hour Friendly Recipes

Plus other bonus printables along the way….

Consultation Types:

Parent Only Video or Phone Call Consultation


Therapy Meal with Simone via Online Video Platform


Home Based Therapy Meal with Simone in Melbourne

A therapy meal at your house includes Simone bringing the foods with her. An online therapy meal includes 30 minutes running through a prepared menu with your child and yourself along with a 20 minute phone de-brief. In an online therapy meal, you will need to prepare a simple menu of 5-6 foods for Simone to work with your child through. A therapy meal is different to a family meal and is designed for Simone to observe as many skills and non-verbal cues as possible without pressure to eat.

Further Consultations?

Once you have had an initial consultation, Simone will quote you on ongoing one-on-one consultations (either online or at home within Melbourne) based on the findings from our explorations in the initial consultation.  Simone may recommend that you participate in her online sensory food school.

Once purchased, what happens?

You will receive a PDF document immediately on purchase – The handbook for “Goodbye Picky Eating with Simone Emery”. 

You will then also get an email for each module and in the FIRST EMAIL you get links to all the pre-consultation information forms that Simone needs completed prior to your program / consultation. So, please check your spam folders for these important emails. Keep them as this is how you get to your content.

“Our mountain is waiting and we can move it together” – Simone


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