Online Sensory Food School {Peer Group Feeding Therapy Meals}


Morning Groups: Start Sunday 15 November

A sensory program following a play-based and familiarity building philosophy for fussy eaters that that have aversions to new foods due to their sensory preferences.

Our next intake will be in January 2021.

NDIS Registered Provider, Simone Emery helps children reach their community participation goals with an online program focusing on individual strategies to boost nutrition, feel more confident around new foods and help children participate more fully in food occasions in the wider community. This is a responsive feeding program and focuses on parent nutrition coaching. This can complement other feeding therapy programs with a similar play based focus. NDIS funding available!

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Join children’s nutritionist, Simone Emery, in an online program of group feeding therapy meals to learn strategies to help your child approach new foods. Group One: Perfect for 5 – 10 year old Fussy Eaters / Problematic Feeders. Group Two: Perfect for 3.5 – 6 year old Fussy Eaters.


Doors Open Now!

Who is this program for?

Simone works with children that have shown red flags to feeding, including dropping foods from multiple food groups, having a limited dietary repertoire and families that are stressed at mealtimes. If fussy eating is impacting how you feel about feeding kids and you would like professional input to scaffold strategies with your child, this hands-on program will help boost your confidence and give you some pathways towards less stressful mealtimes.

Over 5 ONLINE sessions (2 parent sessions and 3 peer group food school sessions), we explore the sensory nature of foods, how reading children’s cues help us create manageable learning experiences and what strategies YOU can use at YOUR home to ease stress and move towards family goal foods. The primary aim of this program is to assist children with community participation.

Functional Goals:

  • To feel more comfortable around foods that the children don’t ordinarily eat (including fruits, vegetables, mixed textures)
  • To have strategies that help kids sit at a table or near their peers when eating (meal participation)
  • Learn strategies to boost parent confidence around what to offer and when
  • To increase the types of foods your child will eat


Intake closes 2 weeks prior to the peer group classes to allow you to arrange your timetable, purchase the foods, complete the first 3 modules of the included “Goodbye Picky Eating” program (read all about that program here) and have your 30 minute parent-only pre-course introductory Zoom session with Simone. The initial zoom session goes for 30 minutes and helps you feel comfortable with the technology / links. Plus, this session includes a private goal setting session, current dietary repertoire and feeding history assessment. Simone will email you upon purchase to arrange your first individual session.



Next Round includes 3 online, group classes for children on – Morning Session Groups will be on Sunday 15, 22 and 29 November

PLUS parent support at times that suit you around these classes.

What parents love about ONLINE therapy meals?

  1. No travel time to clinic!
  2. Parents get first hand view of what is happening in the session by sitting near the child. A different view to when you are in the thick of orchestrating your usual mealtimes.
  3. The child sees peers to understand they are NOT alone, yet, the sensory trigger if another child eats something near them is not as acutely felt. So, we can explore coping mechanisms without triggering a fight/flight response.
  4. Therapy meals are focused on confidence and skill building. Let me do this work, so your family meals can flourish. I can often spot WHY a child may be struggling with certain road blocks to eating that may not get observed in other settings.
  5. The report at the end of the program gives really tailored suggestions to keep working on your child’s internal motivation to try new foods and build their confidence.


Within the program, we run classes on the Zoom online platform.  We also conclude with a parent-only individual session to recap on the content relating to family meals, food chaining ideas and continued sensory strategies to help your child with their INDIVIDUAL feeding functional goals. After this final session, the individualized report will be written for your records with additional recommendations, resources, recipes and home economics tips to keep working with your child. Please allow up to two weeks for the report to arrive.

Due to the group based nature, there are no make-ups available for the group sensory food school sessions. (An individual make-up session will be offered with an additional $40 food & time fee). The reports written will not be disclosing details of other group participants. The reports are for individual use and may be used to advocate for additional health services, if recommended.

The program results will depend on attendance, participation and disclosure of information during parent sessions with Simone.  All allergies, sensitivities and dietary restrictions need to be disclosed ASAP to enable customization of shopping list and lesson plans.  For more information on how Simone runs online play-based programs read this post here and this one too.

If you aren’t sure if this program is for you, have a read about some of the sensory aspects of food that I work with in this post or send me an email.

If you have NDIS funding and would like to book into this session, contact Simone ASAP and she will arrange service level agreement and invoicing separately. Or if you wish to pay via direct debit instead of PayPal, you may also contact Simone to book your session. Your place in this course can not be guaranteed until payment is made or NDIS service agreement is signed.


Additional information

Peer Group Time

Preschool Group 8:30am, Primary School Group 9:15am, Mixed Group 6:00pm Melbourne / 9:00am UK

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