Screens and Meals: Simple Solutions to Making Them Fuss Free


Dr Kristy and Simone will be presenting a 1 hour evidence based video around safe use of screen times, how they impact nutrition and their impact on your happy mealtimes.  We give you tools to find a healthy balance of time online without the pre-meal techno tantrums or conflict.  We talk about how the digital age is a new era of parenting and giving you research backed strategies to help you through it, one meal at a time.

Perfect for helping you handle “Techno Tantrums”, difficult transitions to mealtimes, remove the use of screens during meals, increase your child’s engagement with new foods and for fussy eaters. 



Join Dr Kristy Goodwin, researcher, teacher and author, and Simone Emery, SOS Feeding Therapy, as they discuss all of the the ins and outs, ups and downs, stresses and joys associated with feeding kids and the impact of screen time.  Learn some simple solutions to make screens and mealtimes fuss free!

This video event is perfect if you have a child that tantrums or becomes disengaged when a screen is switched off OR if they are refusing meals after they have been around screens (eg. during dinner prep time) or you are using screens in the mealtime environment.  We will be going through how screens can play a part in balanced family life, how to move away from using screens before or during meals to assist with longer term positive eating and strategies for having a happy mealtime.

Once purchased, you will have lifetime access to the one hour video presentation.  You also get access to the bonus resources including video companion book, a media management kit for families, a “You can..” activity jar printable and an eCook Book.   You will get your receipt upon purchase (with an extra freebie) and then a follow-up email with the access to the video content embedded in it.  Please double check your spam folders for this email too. We try our best to avoid spam folders, but it does sometimes happen.
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