Healthy Rainbow Kids Party Plan

Healthy Rainbow Kids Party Plan

Healthy Rainbow Kids Party Plan has been authored by Simone Emery and is now released for you to own!

“I wrote this plan to take the stress out of planning a healthy, fun and interactive kids party.  But of course it had to have some WOW factor thrown in!”

Here is a free audio file of the introduction of the book as spoken by Simone Emery.

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded the eBook!  If you haven’t yet, this is the link to where you can get it.

Rainbow Party Invitation Template | Play with Food

This is your invitation template image to use. Instructions for how to customise the image for your invitation are on page 5 of the eBook.

Also, a quick reminder that the Pinterest board dedicated to this eBook is located here.  I write a note on each pin explaining how that can be tied into the Healthy Rainbow Kids Party Plan.  There are options for other activities, other food ideas, other cake recipes (including allergen friendly ones) and it’s ALWAYS growing.  Dive on in and be further inspired.

Why did I write this eBook?

I wanted to emphasize how much fun kids can have at a birthday party when you take away the stress of external factors (like cake, decorations, party bags, food) and focus on the group of children and their experience. The stress has been done for you here and neatly put into shopping lists.  The plan contains lots of inspiration for food but mostly activities. It has “why-to’s” and “how-to’s” to explain what the young party-goers can get from their experience (including sensory engagement, hand-eye coordination, tactile experience and listening skill practice.)
Plus the plan still has lots of room for customization and personality!
I also want to appeal to you to embrace that everyone is at a different stage of their eating journey.  For example, you may be embracing a whole foods diet but your party goers may not be.  Hence, rather than getting caught up in the ever present “party food battle” – try this out.  It’s not strictly whole foods but it is a step in a healthy direction that suits a range of children and parents – you can always tweak it yourself further.  My aim is that we should focus on the joyful celebratory experience instead of food.  I would love to see judgmental observations of “external” factors of kids parties squashed with this sort of party. Being inspired by this party plan will hopefully help you create a party that has amazing feedback because of how you made each child FEEL especially your birthday super-star.

If you want to share pictures of your party that was inspired by this book.  Feel free to tag Play with Food on facebook, @playwithfood_au on instagram/twitter or email me some feedback to

Happy Eating,

Simone Emery


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  • Reply
    Kids Cooking Healthy
    October 27, 2015 at 2:20 pm

    Today there are so many ways to make delicious healthy versions of your favourite sweet treats. This is a great idea. Kids shouldn’t be excited about going to or having a party because there will be lollies and chips. It would be so great to ween them off this and get them thinking about what parties are really about… Friends, family, presents, fun times, games, lots of laughs and smiles. The emphasis, your right, doesn’t have to be on the unhealthy foods. By providing a rainbow of foods is a very clever way to shift the focus to healthy foods. Have you seen the watermelon cake?>><&lt; This would even be a fantastic activity for the birthday girl or bay to do with their parents pre party OR for a few group of kids and a parents with each group – making their own and having a competition. Makes me miss childhood birthdays.

    • Reply
      Simone Emery
      October 27, 2015 at 3:46 pm

      I totally agree. Yes, I have lots of watermelon cakes pinned on the dedicated pinterest board for this EBook. I love your suggestion of having the kids help the parents make the cake beforehand. Ownership and investment in the process is so intrinsically rewarding for children. Thanks for your comments!

      • Reply
        Kids Cooking Healthy
        October 27, 2015 at 3:49 pm

        Oh excellent, I will go and check them out! Yes, kids get the chance to learn important life skills they will one day be very grateful for 😛

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