Dr Kristy Goodwin is a researcher, mother and former school teacher.  She launched her evidence based book “Raising your child in a digital world” on July 1st, 2016.  I eagerly bundled my girls off to Big W to buy the book on opening day.  Given that I have a 2 and 4 year old, you will know how much of an Achilles heel big variety stores can be! So, this may help you gauge how keen I was to get my hands on the book.

Screen Time and Happy Mealtimes

My Fan Girl Moment – Packing my thoroughly read (and post-it noted) book to go and meet Dr Kristy in person!

Dr Kristy’s approach to providing parents with a good understanding of how they can instill boundaries around screen time resonates well with me.  I geek out a bit over the research based evidence and anecdotal trends being reported in her book.  The best part is that she makes it palatable and realistic for every busy parent out there.

The book is structured around seven (7) developmental building blocks that children need and I’m happy to see nutrition is one of the core developmental building books addressed in her book.  The other building blocks include – attachments and relationships, language, sleep, play, physical movement and executive-function skills. It helped me see the positive uses and potential pitfalls that technology presents to each of these blocks.  The argument is based on fact and giving parents up-to-date information on what is trending in the digital world.  In particular it has helped me with my own understanding of “techno tantrums”.  I am also more comfortable with the positive impacts of good content in digital format.  And on top of this, it has definitely made me more mindful of my own technology use and setting boundaries on my own and my children’s screen time that work for our family.   For example, my girls and I are running our own online cooking show program on Nom.com to encourage JME (joint media engagement) and work on my oldest daughter’s language, maths and executive-function skills. Plus, I am adding even more green time activities into our days and I have adopted some new “parenting phrases” to my own vocabulary.

I recommend this book for anyone who is looking for balanced and practical parenting strategies that come from a strong evidence base.  From a feeding point-of-view, I had anecdotally seen, and experienced first hand with my own children, the changes that screen time prevalence has had on fussy eaters.  Hence, with Dr Kristy’s research and my own qualifications – we are teaming up to deep dive into screen time and the impacts on mealtime.  You can find out more and access this information in a video format here.  I personally have found by taking on board Dr Kristy’s information in conjunction with my SOS feeding therapy training, we’ve significantly reduced our pre-meal techno tantrums and we are conversing better about technology.  I can’t wait to share this with you!

To read more about Sydney based speaker and author, Dr Kristy Goodwin – click here.

Disclosure:  I bought my own copy of this book and am sharing this review because I think the book is awesome.


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