Disclosure: Georgia from JJ Rabbit and I met in an online group and bonded over our love of feeding kids.  She kindly gifted me a bowl, plate, placemat, spoon and fork in order for me to do a review for her.  She has used this review in her own business.

The quality and vibrancy of the pieces in the dinnerware set is the first thing that caught my eye.  My daughters quickly squealed with glee when they saw them.  They loved the playful characters. They were amused by the penguin sitting inside of their blue cup and even more amused when he wouldn’t come out!  We decided that he was a stubborn little penguin.
With my feeding therapy hat on, there are some great aspects of these products for a variety of age groups.  The two handled drinking cup is great for little hands who are still learning to hold on to cups.  They can fit their whole hand against the cup and have the handles there as a back-up if the cup slips. The weight of the cup isn’t compromised by the playful penguin at the bottom.  Water is fun to watch in the cup and see how much they are drinking in relation to the penguin’s body.  We also used the cup for yoghurt.  Some greek yoghurts are very runny.  This cup teamed with the spoon with the tilted head will allow babies and toddlers to self-feed runnier yoghurts easily.  The high sides can be used to help scrape yoghurt onto the spoon.  The tilted head of the spoon (provided it is held in the correct hand) means that the child doesn’t have to twist their hand too much to self-feed.  When twisting is done too early, often babies and toddlers can spill runny purees over themselves before it reaches their mouth.  Early “tastes of success” like this are great for children as they boost confidence as they grow their skill-set.  The amount that I would fill this cup would be to the top of the penguin’s head for water for children under 18mths.
The bowl with the penguin detail is great for the same reason with the high sided walls.  Again to enable them to use the bowl’s edges, I wouldn’t fill it more than half-way up the side.  This does still result in a greater volume than the cup alone and is a great portion size for children up to the age of 3 for meals.  We also used this bowl for the water to dip our fingers in while making sushi and dumplings.  The size makes it perfect for older children for a range of snack items or as a side bowl during dinner.
The spoon and fork make a great first cutlery set to encourage self-feeding.  The fork is particularly good for foods that are soft like steamed vegetables, scrambled egg or small meatballs.  These foods are often considered finger foods, yet, introducing the cutlery helps a child to imitate the observed actions of their older family members. This set of utensils is age appropriate through to about 2 or 3 years of age.
cookie cups by Play with Food
The placemat is amazing.  It clings to all manner of bowls and plates so that they stay put on the table in front of busy toddlers, preschoolers and babies.  It can be used on its own as a surface for finger foods so that they aren’t squashed up and causing a sensory overload.  It is always important for kids to have “blank space” with their foods.  This allows children to fully explore the foods they have on offer, get to know them and work out how to eat them.  The placemat was also useful for tasks in the kitchen like holding the mixing bowls still, rolling out our dumpling wrappers, cookie cups and making our sushi on.  It is easy to wipe clean and saves my table (mostly) from getting very messy.
Overall, I enjoyed the functional properties of this multi-use dinner set and my children loved the playful aspect and bright colours.   A win-win solution for parents and children.
About JJ Rabbit by Georgia:
Hi! I am Georgia – Mother to two crazy boys. My hubby and I were so melamine bowls and plates smashing across the floors. We wanted some earth conscious and fun for our children, thats when we found JJ Rabbit! We (and the boys) loved it so much we decided to become the Australian and New Zealand distributors! To check out our full range and find a stockist near you visit our website www.jjrabbit.com.au
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