Should I send my kid to bed hungry?

Due to some overwhelming response on Facebook (and that this is one of my FAQ’s), I have dedicated a blog post to helping you make the decision about whether or not to send your child to bed if they haven’t eaten their dinner.  Especially, if they only “finished” or partly finished their dinner an hour ago!  So, exasperating – right?

Should I send my child to bed with no dinner?

Here is my audio podcast all about it!

In the audio podcast (a touch over 11 minutes), I list 7 questions that you need to ask yourself first to help you draw that line in the sand.

Should you send your child to bed hungry? By Play with Food

Fact: Not every mealtime is going to go smoothly!  Here is a bit of information about how to turn an imperfect meal around as it is in progress.  The aim is to keep these questions front of mind and be proactive about being able to set your family up for a happy mealtime.  If (and it will probably still happen) your child still turns around and asks for more food, you have every right to reflect on these questions and decide what to do.  If you are concerned about your child not eating enough over a longer period of time please consider this set of red flags to determine if your child is a problem feeder (rather than just being picky or fussy).  This is the post that I mentioned in the audio file about making sure your child is ergonomically set for success. For many children, the happy dinnertime starts with afternoon tea – yes, setting up for a successful dinner time does need to start that early! The main take home is that by clarifying these family goals and getting them right from the outset, you are sending the right message about food to your child.  You and your family all have the right to be happy – and dinner time is no exception.

If you want more information about making all of your mealtimes happier.  The Happy Mealtimes eCourse is a low-cost investment in eliminating your stress, helping you work out a great prepare to eat routine, giving you a range of options for giving your child control at the mealtime and helping you be mindful of the food journey we all guide our children on. Past participants have highly praised the course (especially the family meal and fussy eater modules) and it is available to start whenever you are!  Back yourself and invest in your skills of providing healthy, fun mealtimes for your family.

Contact me to learn more about what I do in SOS feeding therapy, private classes or Skype workshops with parents wanting someone to help with root cause analysis for fussy eating behaviours.

How do you feel about the decision making process now?  Do you have a fun prepare to eat routine tip?




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