Spring Session | Play with Food

You are invited to our Spring Session!

On Thursday November 2nd, 10:00am – 11:30am, you are invited to a kid-friendly Teddy Bear’s picnic & family nutrition Q&A session.


For the children, we will do craft activities,  sensory play with food and an allergy-friendly kids cooking class. 


For the parents, we will be discussing lots of ideas for feeding your family. We will be showcasing a range of practical strategies and services to assist you with feeding families. We will be giving you the best #ParentHacks about nurturing positive food-attitudes in your children, tackling fussy eating and how to take the stress out of providing food for your family.


When: 10am-11:30am Thursday 2 November


Where: Newcastle Health Collective, 35 Gordon Avenue, Hamilton


Who: You and your preschooler / toddler / infants are invited


Cost: FREE. Yet RSVP is essential


What to Bring: Water for the kids and a teddy bear


Meet the Team

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– Oprah Winfrey

About Us...

Simone, Stina and Mel are joining forces to offer you tailored assistance with getting out of a food-stress rut.


Stina is a dietitian based in the Newcastle area with a passion for family food. Stina will help you work on your relationship with food and how to help your child foster a positive relationship with food.


Simone works in the feeding therapy arena with very picky eaters and has lots of parenting nuggets of gold to share about navigating meals with fussy children. Her signature work is observing children eat during playful feeding experiences.


Mel is a Parenting Consultant/Mentor specialising in reducing parent overwhelm. It is a tough gig keeping eveyone’s emotion from escalating when picky eating is an issue.  From looking at the patterns parents report being frustrated about, Mel clue-hunts with them for what is working in other areas of their family life so they can draw on the strengths they identify and cross-pollinate that success and calm into the eating realm.  Parents can expect that engaging with Mel will result them feeling more confident to keep identifying and implementing realistic expectations using their toolbelt of strategies to build connection and keep the mealtime emotion and overwhelm at bay.


At our Spring Session, you have the chance to learn more about us and what we can help you with. If you can’t make the session that is OK. You can get all the follow up information by emailing: Simone@playwithfood.com.au.

goodbye stressful mealtimes

Our agenda for the Spring Session will help you get some new tools in your parenting tool box. We will be there to answer your questions and your children will have FUN learning about a variety of foods in a non-pressured environment.


We can’t wait to meet you!

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