Support for Parenting Picky Eaters

Simone Emery lives in Melbourne, Australia, with her husband and two daughters. Simone is an experienced Children’s nutritionist. She works part-time at a feeding therapy clinic with an Occupational Therapy team. Simone runs Play with Food which is hub of recipes written with picky eaters in mind, writes about the science of feeding kids in a fun way, and via her website you can access private consults and paid resources for parents wanting happy mealtimes. Every 2 months, Simone offers a peer-group Online Sensory Food School program that is open internationally! 
You can book an online initial consultation with Simone via her Goodbye Picky Eating package here.
Simone and Jo also offer a private support forum, YOUR FEEDING TEAM, this is a low-cost membership hub to help you with your picky eater!

Jo lives near Lincoln in the UK, with her husband, three daughters and assorted animals! She works in Lincoln as a Feeding Consultant, with parents of children with eating challenges, as well as offering counselling for children with anxiety issues around food. Jo has an Masters in counselling and is the author of War & Peas: end the battle with picky eaters. She is also a doctoral researcher at Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln. Her PhD is about picky eating and parental feeding practices.  

Jo is passionate about helping with food anxiety and enjoys supporting parents in the private support forum, YOUR FEEDING TEAM.

Our Group Manifesto

Every parent comes to the supportive Facebook group to feel supported, get some evidence based advice, share joy, share frustration and be inspired. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect,

When phrasing a question or post in the group, check your wording to ensure you get the sorts of responses you are looking for.

When responding to a question or a post in the group, pretend you are sitting across from the posting person and answering them. Just as if you were sitting down having a cup of tea.

If you want to make sure your comment or post is seen by Jo or Simone use #askjoandsimone.

Jo and Simone pride themselves on providing sound evidence based feeding advice and supporting this community with this advice. Hence, posts promoting feeding concepts that are not supported, or we deem dangerous for a child’s wellbeing, will be deleted. We go through some of our common FAQs and how this related to feeding research below. And we hope you find this a useful start to your journey with us in the group.

This group is EXCLUSIVELY for parents and carers of picky eaters (sorry – there’s a lot wrong with that label, but it’s the term people widely use and search for so we’re stuck with it for now!)

No selling / promotion of anything (however relevant) will be tolerated and will be deleted. Members can report posts to us if they feel they violate this trust. If a person repeat offends, they will be removed from the group.

Any posts or comments that are at all judgmental, disrespectful or simply unkind, will be deleted.

Jo and Simone reserve the right to block members for posting unsupportive comments or content.

All posts and comments need to be in English (only so that they can be moderated)

Unsolicited PMs to group members are not allowed under any circumstances, anyone doing this will be immediately blocked.

Please invite and add other parents who you think would benefit from being part of this community, drawing their attention to these guidelines.

Make this group your own! It is for you and will work best if everyone is honest and vocal about what they want from it.

Central American Style Shredded Chicken | Play with Food

What is family style serving?

Jo explains the family style meal in the “read more” below. Simone dives into it in all her recipes and holds your hand through it in her “Goodbye Picky Eating” program.

Eat your peas or you won't get dessert"

Jo has written this article on 5 reasons why withholding dessert from your child will backfire.

Brazilian Beef Rolls : Ellie's Cooking Show : Episode 12 : Play with Food

What if family style serving doesn't work for my picky eater?

Simone has a framework here on what you need to understand before sending a child to bed without dinner.
Simone also has this list of 10 reasons why family style serving may not be working as quick as you would like.

Goulash in Bread Bowl

Do you "reward" eating?

Jo has written an article here outlining the pitfalls of applying commonly used behaviour management tools, like reward charts, to your child’s relationship with food.

These frequently asked questions have been handpicked as we feel these are the key areas parents have concerns about before joining the Facebook group. And we want to support the parents of picky eaters by providing them with resources and support. The road to improved eating starts with understanding a range of core reasons for “WHY” picky eating starts.

Some of the common root causes for eating include (but aren’t limited to):

  1. Lack of Routine Around Food (set mealtimes, no grazing and maintaining division of responsibility at mealtimes)

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