What If Vegetables Were People? {Book Review}

Would you swoon about a rock-and-roll beetroot? Or bow down to the zucchini king? Play tennis with tomatoes? Or is sipping tea with onions more your thing? Whatever it is you fancy, this whimsical tale about vegetables pretending to be humans is fun to read for the whole family. Kate along with her four children […]

Dear Annabel Crabb, I thought this about The Wife Drought…

Dear Annabel, You undoubtedly won’t remember me. We cooked dinner together at a cooking school on a drizzly miserable Monday evening about 8 or 9 years ago. You were funny, down-to-earth and had an amazing conversational tone that made late 20’s me, a socially awkward workaholic, find your tales of balancing motherhood, spiders in your […]

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