Construct Your Own Family Meal: Buddah Bowls

I love constructing our meals at the table. Getting into the habit of serving every meal from the middle of the table has been a game changer for me (AND I know I’m not alone). As Jo from emotionally aware feeding explains in her post here – it’s not an easy adjustment to consciously change […]

Teddy Bear’s Picnic for Fussy Eaters in Newcastle

In the wee hours of Thursday 2nd November, I absconded from the city with my 3 yo for a cruise up the highway to Newcastle to co-host a fun and information filled morning all about feeding fussy eaters. Mel Burgess from Love Parenting,  dietitian Stina Oftedal and I hosted the session for a wonderful group of […]

Sensory Processing Difficulties and Trying New Foods (Especially Vegetables)

A key foundation for working with and parenting picky eaters is understanding their WHY. A generic list of actions is not necessarily going to help if you don’t understand why your picky eater is behaving the way that they are, especially around their “tricky” foods. One key element that I often write about is sensory […]

{Guest Post} I don’t want your advice

Last year, I wrote this very popular blog post listing 9 things not to say to a parent of a fussy eater.  Soon after, I connected with Libby. She had posted a raw account of how other people’s opinion’s of her child’s fussy eating made her feel.  It was like we had read eachother’s minds. I […]

{Guest Post} My Top 3 Activities for Proprioceptive Input

Today, I am handing over the blog to Rachelle from The Happy Me Shop. She’s talking about her favourite proprioceptive input exercises for kids.  I am a HUGE advocate for proprioceptive input prior to mealtimes.  This helps reset children and prepare them for new tasks. I build it into my pre-mealtime routine prior to washing […]

My 2016 Blog Highlights: Recipes, Fussy Eating and Collaborations

If Santa was looking to see if I’ve made the naughty or nice list, I’m hoping he’d say I’ve made the nice list. This year I’ve written many recipes and articles about fussy eating on my blog and on other people’s blogs (you can see my list of where i’ve been here), volunteered my time and […]

Online Feeding Consultations with Simone Emery

Take a behind the scenes look at one of my online picky eater consultations, affectionately known as a Skype play date, where I eat along with your child to observe their subtle and not so subtle cues around challenging foods.  I am so grateful to Karin and her charming family. She agreed to let me […]

11 Tips for Balancing Feeding Newborns and their (ahhem..fussy) Siblings

I have started to write the this blog post about how to balance feeding kids at different ages (bearing in mind different levels of fussiness) many times over the past few years.  It is especially difficult in the newborn haze to get your head in the game when a fussy toddler / preschooler is also […]

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