When BLW didn’t go as I planned {Guest Post}

I love getting other mummy perspectives on feeding their kids here on the blog… especially when you throw in Cristin’s humorous tale of putting all her faith in one parenting strategy, baby led weaning.  I love baby led weaning AND I love purees – I talk all about why it’s not a mutually exclusive decision […]

Mouth Pain (Teething) and Fussy Eating Behaviours

Pain in the mouth area comes in many forms for kids – From teething to wobbly teeth. From mouth ulcers to scratches on the roof of their mouth. From a burnt tongue to a swollen bitten inside cheek. Kids have a host of root causes for mouth pain even before dental issues, sickness or accidents (like falling and […]

{Guest Post} Introducing Solids – The First Week

Thanks to Fi from Mumma Morrison for sharing with us her daily diary of how she felt during her first week of starting to feed her little man solids. Fi’s son is known on her blog as Starfish. It’s lovely to remember the first feelings associated with what a big milestone this is in your motherhood […]

11 Tips for Balancing Feeding Newborns and their (ahhem..fussy) Siblings

I have started to write the this blog post about how to balance feeding kids at different ages (bearing in mind different levels of fussiness) many times over the past few years.  It is especially difficult in the newborn haze to get your head in the game when a fussy toddler / preschooler is also […]

Choking Incidents vs Gagging Incidents

Last Updated on: 2 May 2017 As parents start the solids journey, one of my key pieces of advice is to learn the difference between choking and gagging. Completing an infant first aid course is always one of my top recommendations for new parents. I think having the right knowledge gives you a confidence boost […]

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