Why kids can be so picky about eating meat {Uncertainty}

Last week, I asked the wonderful parents over on our private Facebook group (Parenting Picky Eaters) about what foods their children prefer. I was not to surprised that chicken nuggets, scrambled egg, mince (in the form of lasagne & Bolognese) and sausages were the only meat (or meat alternatives) that our parents listed. So, I’m […]

Fussy Children Relying on Milk Before Bed

Evening routines with children often start out with children having a feed (aka milk) just before going down for the night. This can sometimes turn into a habit. For some fussy eaters, it turns into a negotiating tool. Or a parents safety net / fall back. Possibly it’s become a main part of a child’s […]

Preschool Peer Pressure and the Sandwich

Guest blogger Kylie from Kidgredients spills the beans on how her little man made peace with the humble sandwich! Over a year ago I wrote a blog post on Kidgredients about the fact that my son wouldn’t eat a sandwich and how I personally completely understood that.  But here I am a year later, writing […]

Baked Winter Vegetable Meatballs

We love this recipe to use up some Brussels Sprouts.  See this post on Brussels Sprout play for more ideas about how to engage your children (and fussy partner??) with these morsels of vegetable goodness. This is the other recipe for Brussels sprouts that is a winner in our household. Baked Winter Vegetable Meatballs   Print […]

Seasonal Food Jags (aka the Hot Cross Bun one)

Last Updated: 27 March 2015 Food jagging is when a child is effectively stuck on repeat on a food.  The jag can be caused by many things.  Due to these reasons, moving to something very different from their favourite is hard to do.  However, a food jag can be overcome through minor changes. Why should we […]

Zucchini Pancakes Conquer Food Jags

“Do you want toast?” “No” “Do you want Cereal?” “No” “Do you want Pancakes?” “No” “Well you’re getting toast then” ….. {Queue Tantrum} Don’t toddlers and preschoolers love the word No?!  It’s a fantastic way for them to exert some control in a world where they are learning that they have some power.  How do you […]

Kid Approved Chicken Meatballs

For kids, MEAT is either a “Love it” or “Leave it”.  Meat is a textural minefield and many of the problems result from how it is prepared.  In another post, I talk about why meat aversion is common and some strategies to help your child approach more meats. Did you know that you can substitute […]

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