Frozen Fruit and Yoghurt Bites

With only 2 ingredients, I barely had to help my 3 year old make these frozen fruit and yoghurt bites. These are great for kids to make. You just need a bowl, a spoon and a novelty ice cube tray. The sensory play with the yoghurt and berries is great for little fingers. Schedule the […]

Teddy Bear’s Picnic for Fussy Eaters in Newcastle

In the wee hours of Thursday 2nd November, I absconded from the city with my 3 yo for a cruise up the highway to Newcastle to co-host a fun and information filled morning all about feeding fussy eaters. Mel Burgess from Love Parenting,  dietitian Stina Oftedal and I hosted the session for a wonderful group of […]

Smurfy Berry Juice with Free Printable Game

We were inspired from our play in Smurf Village at a nearby shopping centre AND the #getcreativewith challenge this week to make you a FREE printable game including a recipe for “smurfy berry juice”. You can download your colour-in, play and make smurfy berry juice game sheet here.   This sheet is yours to colour-in […]

Making fun sweet potato crackers with children

Cooking with kids is one of many ways to interact with foods outside of the mealtime. Plus it is fantastic to exercise EXECUTIVE FUNCTION SKILLS. The benefits include building their familiarity with foods and increasing their acceptance of them WITHOUT pressure to eat. These sweet potato crackers (or should I say “quackers”) were fun to […]

Turn Your Child’s Monster Drawing into a Halloween Vegie Platter

Kids art work is exploding in my house!  It’s sometimes hard to think of another purpose for it. Although I didn’t grow up with Halloween, it’s definitely making an impact in the Australian retail scene and (of course) Pinterest is exploding with ideas leading up to the day.  So, there’s no surprise that my daughter […]

Cookie Cups

For feeding therapy this week I had an adventurous request of me, to make “master chef style domes”.  I do believe this was in an attempt to see me dismally fail at tempering chocolate or simply wanting some favourite food, Chocolate.  Yet, I also believe the requests are a little open to my interpretation. So, […]

Sheep Food Art and Bonus Printable Template

February is crazy for the team Emery residence.  We have a string of birthdays!  Mark has his birthday on 30 Jan (ok not in February …. but still), Verity turned 1 on 4th of Feb and I turned 21 (again :p) on the 24th of Feb. Plus some great family and friends also have birthdays […]

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