Smurfy Berry Juice with Free Printable Game

We were inspired from our play in Smurf Village at a nearby shopping centre AND the #getcreativewith challenge this week to make you a FREE printable game including a recipe for “smurfy berry juice”. You can download your colour-in, play and make smurfy berry juice game sheet here.   This sheet is yours to colour-in […]

What’s A Gruffalo? {Food Play Routine to Help Picky Eaters}

Join us as we travel into a deep dark wood. We meet a mouse with a nut that looks good. We step into the turned-out toes of the gruffalo and see what foods he can learn about. This is a bit of a “behind the scenes” look at one of my popular lesson plans for […]

What to Expect When You are Expecting … A Book

The story of us I connected with Ruth from Pea Fritters (my co-author of “Allergy Free Afternoon Tea”) about 18 months ago. We did a little social media dance of commenting, liking, sharing and (dare I even say) DM’ing. We muddled our way through the getting to know you stage.  We found some common ground. We laughed. Her […]

Vitamins and Supplements for Fussy Kids

As a nutritionist and feeding specialist, I am often asked about vitamins and supplements for children.  I felt that getting Meg from Choose Nutrition to answer a few of these questions was a great idea.  This chat was aired in our Parenting Picky Eaters private facebook group at the end of last year.  The lighting […]

Lentil Bolognese

This dish can please even the most diverse group of eaters with a variety of allergies, dietary preferences or eating behaviours. Perfect as a vegan, vegetarian or #meatfreemonday recipe to have up your sleeve.  You could also make a big batch of the bolognese and freeze it in portions.  You could also add mushroom (or […]

{Guest Post} My Top 3 Activities for Proprioceptive Input

Today, I am handing over the blog to Rachelle from The Happy Me Shop. She’s talking about her favourite proprioceptive input exercises for kids.  I am a HUGE advocate for proprioceptive input prior to mealtimes.  This helps reset children and prepare them for new tasks. I build it into my pre-mealtime routine prior to washing […]

Ellie’s Cooking Show: Episode 12: Brazilian Style Beef Rolls

We are globe trotting this week!  We filmed this cooking demonstration of a Brazilian dish on Tuesday 11 Oct 2016 at 5pm on my Facebook page. We went to Brazil to bring you Bife Role – Brazilian Style Beef Rolls. We made our rolls with spinach, carrot, garlic and bacon.  They were simmered in a tomato based sauce for 30 minutes whilst […]

9 things not to say to a parent of a fussy eater

It is frustrating enough when your child doesn’t like a wide variety of foods, however, sometimes well meaning remarks or advice are just better left unsaid to parents going through this time with their children.  I’ve compiled a list of 9 things not to say to a parent of a fussy eater (ie a picky […]

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