Review: Eat UP Australia – Providing Lunches for Aussie Kids

It is my great pleasure to donate some of the revenue from the Happy Mealtimes eCourse to Eat Up. Eat Up Australia is a new not-for-profit organisation based in Richmond, Melbourne, which delivers school lunches to underprivileged Australian school children. The model utilizes existing, established and widespread organisations to create a new service that provides ready made, […]

Before Dinner Routine for Happy Kids and Happy Parents

Engaging a child in some sensory stimulation prior to a new task enables them to prepare their body for it.  – Simone Imagine this?!    You are about to take on a grueling 10km obstacle race filled with unidentified hazards, lots of people making noise around you and it’s raining really heavily.  How does that make you […]

Turning imperfect meals around

The stress of everyday life seems to bubble over at the end of the day when dinner time goes pear-shaped. The kids are tired, you are tired and the list of jobs you have to do just to get the meal finished seems endless. Stress and negativity can soon spiral out of control and we […]

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