Parent Hacks Making Mealtimes Easier

Good parent hacks making mealtimes easier are all about SAVING something. Saving money. Saving time. Saving dishes. Saving waste. Saving sanity. Mealtimes can be a draining affair, especially if you have a fussy eater on your hands. And we want to save our mealtime from turning into a battle zone. So, here are some parent […]

Fish and Potato Croquettes

These fluffy and yet crunchy fish and potato croquettes were fun to make with the kids. I was SOOOO much more comfortable with the making process of these little crispy delights than the last time I had Verity in the kitchen to crumb fish with me. She was only a toddler at the time and […]

Easy Pineapple Crumble

I made this pineapple crumble AND it comes with a printable teacher appreciation card. (Get the card I designed for free on Gift Grapevine. Get all the instructions for making a unique and heartfelt end-of-year teacher / coach / babysitter appreciation gift. We thought it would be a cool idea to wrap the gift up […]

Is witching hour spoiling your plans for a happy family dinner?

Witching Hour is a Typically difficult time in the afternoons for kids and parents … Am I right, or Am I right? Personally, I have used so many different recipes and cooking methods at different parts of my motherhood journey (so far) and readily accept that I will continue to keep chopping and changing.  Why? I […]

Ellie’s Cooking Show: Episode 15: Koshari (Egyptian Cuisine)

Koshari is an Egyptian dish with layers of flavour.  Now, to take you on a little culinary journey. My husband and I were travelling in Egypt in 2008 (pre-marriage and kids) and randomly walked into what looked like a restaurant. BUT… There was no menu.  We were just asked “small or large” – we opted […]

Ellie’s Cooking Show: Episode 13: NZ’s Fave Afghan Biscuit

We are put our own twist on New Zealand’s favourite Afghan Biscuit (Afghan Cookie).  We sweetened ours with dates and used cold-pressed cacao this week.  These cookies are topped with icing and a half-walnut.  However, to make them lunchbox friendly you wouldn’t add the walnut. We will be baked these live on our facebook page on Tuesday […]

Ellie’s Cooking Show: Episode 12: Brazilian Style Beef Rolls

We are globe trotting this week!  We filmed this cooking demonstration of a Brazilian dish on Tuesday 11 Oct 2016 at 5pm on my Facebook page. We went to Brazil to bring you Bife Role – Brazilian Style Beef Rolls. We made our rolls with spinach, carrot, garlic and bacon.  They were simmered in a tomato based sauce for 30 minutes whilst […]

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