Pan Fried Fish with Cauliflower Puree

This next installment of the 5 Ingredient Dinner challenge was provided by Sandy Feet Nutrition via Instagram. Do you Dukkah? I love using a dry “dip” to engage fussy kids with changing aspects of their own meals and a dukkah is perfect for this, especially if “wet” sensory properties of foods are a no-go with […]

Tools to bring to the table to stop tantrums, wriggles and runners

Do you have a child that stays at the dinner table from somewhere between 1 and 1.5 seconds?  Do they wriggle so much that they don’t really even look at their food?  Are they throwing a tantrum about just going to the table? So many parents will often blame the food for their toddler or […]

Review: JJ Rabbit Dinnerware

Disclosure: Georgia from JJ Rabbit and I met in an online group and bonded over our love of feeding kids.  She kindly gifted me a bowl, plate, placemat, spoon and fork in order for me to do a review for her.  She has used this review in her own business. The quality and vibrancy of the […]

A framework for knowing when to send kids to bed hungry

It’s a parenting conundrum that we all face. Do we let them go hungry if they refuse to eat their dinner? Do we send them to bed if they don’t eat their dinner? Do we banish them from the table if they tantrum about dinner? What do we say to stop the tantrum, meltdown or […]

Learning to Eat

In August last year, I attended SOS (Sequential Oral Sensory) Approach to Feeding training.  This training really helped me polish up the activities in my fruit and vegetable classes.  It gave me a good foundation to see the difference between normal feeding development (including developmental related fussiness) and feeding problems. The other major benefit to this training […]

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