Making fun sweet potato crackers with children

Cooking with kids is one of many ways to interact with foods outside of the mealtime. Plus it is fantastic to exercise EXECUTIVE FUNCTION SKILLS. The benefits include building their familiarity with foods and increasing their acceptance of them WITHOUT pressure to eat. These sweet potato crackers (or should I say “quackers”) were fun to […]

Artichoke, Lemon and Tomato Cob Loaf

Another Month = Another Challenge! This month I took on artichoke.  This one was a real curve ball for me as the only time I have ever really used them was from a jar!  A 100g serve of Artichokes from a jar contains 320mg of sodium whereas steaming them fresh (without salt) gives 60mg of sodium. Depending […]

Choose Adventure

Children operate in a world of new possibilities & imagination.  Explore their world with them during meals! Delight their imagination – Enjoy their exuberance – Understand their fears  Today, I have a poorly little girl.  Plans are out the window.  Imagination is in full flight.  We converted our lounge room into an indoor tent (with […]

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