Homemade Fruit Filled Cereal Bars for Kids

Cereal bars from the supermarket can come with a variety of fruit fillings. And this inspired me to work on a healthy rustic dough recipe that I could use to wrap around my own fruit fillings of choice. This is so that I can make fruits last a touch longer and present them in a […]

Handling Crunch and Sip with Fussy Kids

Do the words Crunch and Sip mean anything to you? If so, are you feeling a bit like this? Read on, especially if you don’t know what I’m talking about 🙂 In Western Australia, New South Wales and South Australia, parents are probably familiar with the Crunch and Sip® program (or they are about to be […]

The Kidgredients Guide to Awesome Lunches (review)

I was kindly asked to contribute to Kylie’s new eBook as the children’s nutrition expert. So, once I received my copy of the finished product I was keen to see how she has weaved together an informative and practical book for busy parents.  The Kidgredients Guide to Awesome Lunches covers ideas for fresh foods, storage, […]

Ellie’s Cooking Show: Episode 13: NZ’s Fave Afghan Biscuit

We are put our own twist on New Zealand’s favourite Afghan Biscuit (Afghan Cookie).  We sweetened ours with dates and used cold-pressed cacao this week.  These cookies are topped with icing and a half-walnut.  However, to make them lunchbox friendly you wouldn’t add the walnut. We will be baked these live on our facebook page on Tuesday […]

Ellie’s Cooking Show: Episode 1: Crispy Rice Bubble Slice

Here is the link to Episode 1 of Ellie’s cooking show – Rice Bubble Slice Why do I love getting kids in the kitchen? From a really young age, the point of cooking with kids and letting them see how food is made is for exposure.  The more positive, neutral exposure children get to foods […]

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