Homemade Fruit Filled Cereal Bars for Kids

Cereal bars from the supermarket can come with a variety of fruit fillings. And this inspired me to work on a healthy rustic dough recipe that I could use to wrap around my own fruit fillings of choice. This is so that I can make fruits last a touch longer and present them in a […]

Handling Crunch and Sip with Fussy Kids

Do the words Crunch and Sip mean anything¬†to you? If so, are you feeling a bit like this? Read on, especially if you don’t know what I’m talking about ūüôā In Western Australia, New South Wales and South Australia, parents are probably familiar with the Crunch and Sip¬ģ program (or they are about to be […]

The Kidgredients Guide to Awesome Lunches (review)

I was kindly asked to contribute to Kylie’s new eBook as the children’s nutrition expert. So, once I received my copy of the finished product I was keen to see how she has weaved together an informative and practical book for busy parents. ¬†The Kidgredients Guide to Awesome Lunches covers ideas for fresh foods, storage, […]

Ellie’s Cooking Show: Episode 13: NZ’s Fave Afghan Biscuit

We are put our own twist on New Zealand’s favourite Afghan Biscuit (Afghan Cookie). ¬†We sweetened ours with dates and used cold-pressed¬†cacao this week. ¬†These cookies are topped with icing and a half-walnut. ¬†However, to make them lunchbox friendly you wouldn’t add the walnut. We will be baked these live on our facebook page¬†on Tuesday […]

Ellie’s Cooking Show: Episode 1: Crispy Rice Bubble Slice

Here is the link to Episode 1 of Ellie’s cooking show – Rice Bubble Slice Why do I love getting kids in the kitchen? From a really young age, the point of cooking with kids and letting them see how food is made is for exposure. ¬†The more positive, neutral exposure children get to foods […]

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