Baked Winter Vegetable Meatballs

We love this recipe to use up some Brussels Sprouts.  See this post on Brussels Sprout play for more ideas about how to engage your children (and fussy partner??) with these morsels of vegetable goodness. This is the other recipe for Brussels sprouts that is a winner in our household. Baked Winter Vegetable Meatballs   Print […]

Central American Style Shredded Chicken and Meat Aversion in Kids

This recipe is perfect for children with a meat aversion and families that may like chocolate?!  Meat avoidance is a common fussy eating behaviour during cognitive leaps (and beyond) depending on the tools that parents have used to help their children through process eating meats.  Meats are particularly challenging for some fussy eaters because they require […]

Chicken and Corn Soup

The colder months bring comfort food cravings.  This recipe will hit the spot without the “nasties”.  Kids love pulled chicken as a stepping stone towards whole pieces of meat when they are overcoming an aversion to meat that is commonly associated with toddler & preschooler behaviour.  If they aren’t happy with the chicken in the soup, […]

Kid Approved Chicken Meatballs

For kids, MEAT is either a “Love it” or “Leave it”.  Meat is a textural minefield and many of the problems result from how it is prepared.  In another post, I talk about why meat aversion is common and some strategies to help your child approach more meats. Did you know that you can substitute […]

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