Teddy Bear’s Picnic for Fussy Eaters in Newcastle

In the wee hours of Thursday 2nd November, I absconded from the city with my 3 yo for a cruise up the highway to Newcastle to co-host a fun and information filled morning all about feeding fussy eaters. Mel Burgess from Love Parenting,  dietitian Stina Oftedal and I hosted the session for a wonderful group of […]

Got Dairy?

The dairy food group (including dairy alternatives) is important for children to have included in their everyday diet as a terrific source of calcium.  Children up to the age of 8 require 1.5-2 serves of dairy each day.  A single serve of dairy includes ½ cup of ricotta, 200g of yoghurt, 2 cheese slices (40g) […]

Kids Drinking Milk

One of the frequently asked questions I get via social media and in person is all about milk. Picky eaters often rely on milk. Yes, it fills kids up.  Yes, they mostly love it. The recommended serves for a toddler (1-3yo) = 1.5 serves per day. And some kids don’t love it.  Yes, there are […]

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