Dear Annabel Crabb, I thought this about The Wife Drought…

Dear Annabel, You undoubtedly won’t remember me. We cooked dinner together at a cooking school on a drizzly miserable Monday evening about 8 or 9 years ago. You were funny, down-to-earth and had an amazing conversational tone that made late 20’s me, a socially awkward workaholic, find your tales of balancing motherhood, spiders in your […]

How to respond when you receive not-so-helpful feeding advice {Guest Post}

I am delighted to welcome Kirsty Russell from Positive Special Needs Parenting to the Play with Food blog. Kirsty read my post on “9 things not to say to the parent of a fussy eater” and replied to me saying that she’d heard them ALL. I am happy she has shared how she has handled […]

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