Meet the second generation impacted by the “I Quit Sugar” movement

She was only three. She was two bites into her apple. She stopped. She looked at me with her big, inquiring eyes. “Mum, my apple is sweet.” I said “Yep”, and kept eating my apple. “Does it have sugar in it?” My heart broke. Someone had demonized sugar to my just out-of-nappies-innocent-as-anything little girl. I […]

“Why does my fussy eater eat better at day care / school?”

WHY DOES MY CHILD EAT AT CHILD CARE BUT IS FUSSY AT HOME? Lauren Hunt asked me to elaborate on this common parenting conundrum, why do kids eat so well at daycare and then refuse meals at home? Why are they great eaters for others but are fussy for me? Lauren said….So many parents struggle […]

How to respond when you receive not-so-helpful feeding advice {Guest Post}

I am delighted to welcome Kirsty Russell from Positive Special Needs Parenting to the Play with Food blog. Kirsty read my post on “9 things not to say to the parent of a fussy eater” and replied to me saying that she’d heard them ALL. I am happy she has shared how she has handled […]

Park Play Helps Fussy Kids Eat

Children learn so much when playing at the park. These 4 skills also help a child eat a wider variety and improve their concentration for more efficient eating: Creativity and Forming Ideas Relating to Eating- pretend and imaginative play sets the scene for social interactions. Eating is a very social activity. Proprioceptive Sensory Skills – […]

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