Fig Honey Almond Slice (with 4 reasons to make it even though your kids MAY not eat it)

Why make a food you expect your child to turn their nose up at? It seems like a funny thing to do. A waste. A stressor that I don’t need in an already busy life. A futile exercise. But it isn’t! I have a few reasons for making this fig honey almond slice that you […]

Constipation and Fussy Eating

The causes of constipation for kids can include: Changes to what your child has been eating Changes in your child’s activity levels Not drinking enough water Not consuming enough fibre in their diet Too many dairy products Low levels of activity Resisting (or low sensory receptiveness to) the urge to poo Slow gut movement Stress […]

Will a Tonsillectomy or Adenoidectomy Help Your Fussy Eater?

The root cause of fussy eating is a big kettle of fish! Health professionals investigate root causes with parents first-off-the bat because … if you don’t know why something is happening, how are you meant to understand / help it? Parents didn’t start MAKING their children turn their nose up at food! #Truth. Is there […]

Toddler Meltdowns and Tantrums About Food Explained Using The Emotion Plan, A Book and Bananas

When a toddler tantrum is in full swing about food, it’s easy to jump into “fix it… and fix it now” mode. My daughter has definitely had this exact same tantrum about bananas and opening them and them breaking and… my help. I even detailed the tantrum event in my post on helping fussy eaters […]

A Before Dinner Obstacle Course to Help Your Picky Eater

Helping kids get ready for the task of eating by moving their bodies helps them be more prepared for eating a wider range of foods. This parent hack on building an impromptu kids obstacle course is perfect for helping picky eaters try new vegetables. It is also a great way to shake off the day’s […]

7 family meals under 20 mins & my recipe for Vietnamese style chicken soup

Time poor parents – this one is for you! 7 great ideas to add to your mid-week meal repertoire! 5 min noodles My 5 Minute Tahini and Beef Noodles are easy to also serve deconstructed. You can make these with spiralised zucchini (Zoodles) along with some soba noodles for a speedy dinner prep. They both […]

Vitamins and Supplements for Fussy Kids

As a nutritionist and feeding specialist, I am often asked about vitamins and supplements for children.  I felt that getting Meg from Choose Nutrition to answer a few of these questions was a great idea.  This chat was aired in our Parenting Picky Eaters private facebook group at the end of last year.  The lighting […]

Ice Cream For Breakfast: A Family Foodie Spotlight on Carrie from Our Spiced Kitchen

In January, somewhere amongst the whirlwind of school holidays, mini-vacations and heat waves, I saw a facebook post with “national food days” in 2017.  What date would you scan the 2017 list for?  Your birthday?  Your daughter / son’s birthday? Valentines Day?  Eeekkk…. I hate to admit this but before I could help myself, I was […]

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