At classes, we have had a great time meeting so many wonderful children between the ages of 18 months and 7 years.

This is what some of their carers had to say about their experiences:

“Thank you so much for all of your help and advice during the course. I never thought I would live to see the day where (my daughter) would put something green into her mouth! That is the first vegetable apart from potato that she has ever eaten.  Through doing your course I also came to see that (my son) was avoiding the food for a reason.   It was fear and not bad behaviour which was the reason for his defiance. Through that realisation, I made an appointment with an OT for an assessment and he is now on the right track and will get he help he needs to work on his eating issues.  Hopefully, one day I will get to see him eat something green too.  I had been searching for years for something like your course.  After many visits to early childhood nurses and dietitians, I carried around a constant feeling of guilt as I was unable to get my children to eat. Meal times have been a battle.  Well meaning advice from other parents got me nowhere, and made me feel even worse.  It is small steps with both of my kids and (my son) is in very early days, but I am glad to say he now sits at the table with us, loves his chair you recommended and that progress is huge for him.  The biggest thing I got from the course though, was the feeling of guilt I carry around as a mum being lifted, as I can see my kids aren’t just being picky eaters, and I am not failing. Each small step is a victory and your course has started us on our way.  Thank you so much, I will be telling all my friends about it.” – Natalie

“We got loads of great tips and tricks to try at home and have seen a definite improvement in our sons receptiveness to food. Our son really enjoyed the lessons too!” – Amy

“My 2.5 year old enjoyed the Play with Food classes. Simone was very engaging and provided lots of advice on all things food. The classes were small enough to be personal and catered to children of all ages.” – Alex

“While you were working through the food story and having the children touch, lick, kiss etc all the foods, I was thinking, “Yeah, like I have time to do all of this during the crazy times of trying to cook dinner.” But once I was home, I found it easy to have my daughter do all those things while I was preparing dinner.” – Mischa

OMG Paige just ate a huge amount of peas and macaroni for dinner and she tried the tomato as well. Nice work Sim … this wouldn’t have happened two weeks ago.” – Vanessa

“This is fantastic, I can NOT believe my son touched and even kissed broccoli during the first ‘colours of the rainbow’ session. He’d normally scream if anything green was on his plate. Awesome” – Stan

 “Simone’s classes provided a great mealtime routine that has made my fussy little boy more willing to at least try things. Finally feels like we might be able to make some progress towards broadening his range of foods. Highly recommend Simone and her programs.” – Nicole
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