I was kindly asked to contribute to Kylie’s new eBook as the children’s nutrition expert. So, once I received my copy of the finished product I was keen to see how she has weaved together an informative and practical book for busy parents.  The Kidgredients Guide to Awesome Lunches covers ideas for fresh foods, storage, nutrition, how to choose a child’s lunchbox and lots of bake ahead recipes.  The book culminates in a planning section.  And, let’s be honest, getting information on how others plan out their eating / meal making helps us all establish routines that work for us. For instance, some people swear by preparing everything on a Sunday for the week ahead. Others pick and choose their menus based on what time they have on any given day or the weather (eg. BBQ on a rainy day anyone?). Some people love the spontenaiety of not planning their meals too far in advance. Others will wait to see what looks good at their local farmer’s market that day.  I have even written a post about my own evolution of cooking style based on over 4 years of fitting in dinner preparations around “witching hour“.

So, when Kylie’s book has a good portion of recipes that are all freezable, healthy and interesting – she definietly got my attention.  She’s also included a planner at the end so that you can bake once for a whole month of lunchboxes. This leaves you with only having to think about the fresh components each day.  This will save you money, time and packaging materials along the way – win, win, win!

While you are there checking out Kylie’s book – make sure you check out her comprehensive lunchbox review.  She looks at a very large range of lunchboxes that are on the market and reviews them based on durability, design, ease of opening, temperature maintenance and of course what you can fit in them.  A very good resource for parents about to head to the shops and get the 2017 lunchboxes sorted out.


PS – You can see more about how I’ve volunteered my time in the feeding kids space in my 2016 highlights blog post.

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