Lentil Bolognese doesn’t usually strike many of us as an ideal travelling family meal … But wait, you may be surprised with these suggestions on how to convert a humble make-ahead sauce into 5 different meals that you can use if you are heading out on the road for a family trip. It’s also great to have on hand for when you get home from holidays as a freezer meal.  This versatile base can be used in a variety of meals. It is especially great for low fuss meal options when you are away or returning from holidays.

Get my recipe for lentil bolognese here!


Use the lentil bolognese as a pizza base (pictured). You can make a pizza using some store bought pizza bases, Turkish bread, wraps or mountain bread. You can even use a park bbq to make them. Just add cheese and your preferred toppings and fire them up on a BBQ or under a grill.


If you can boil water, you can make pasta!  With some olive oil and a few refreshes of boiling water to a heat proof bowl, I’ve done it and you can too – you can make pasta even if you have a hotel room equipped with just a kettle. You can heat the lentil sauce up for your meal by making a make~shift bain marie with some bowls and plates. OR If you have the luxury of an oven, grab a packet of pre~made bechemel sauce and some fresh lasagne sheets to bake up a simple vegetarian lasagne.


To give the base recipe a Mexican flavour, add 1/4 tsp of cumin to 1 cup of sauce.  If you have a microwave you can team it with instant rice, chopped carrot, coriander & cucumber for a burrito bowl. Otherwise, pile the lentil bolognese onto some corn chips to make nachos with the addition of grated cheese and some heat from a grill or microwave.

Loaded Potato

Making a jacket potato is easy if you have a microwave or a stove top/camping burner for boiling water on. You can also get smokey results for jacket potatoes wrapped in foil and left to cook in the coals of a wood or kettle bbq. Partially cut the potatoes with an X through the top. Open them up a bit and then add in some warmed through lentil bolognese for a simple meal. To make this family serving friendly provide some some options to customize your own potato like sour cream, avocado, fresh basil / coriander, diced ham off the bone or some grilled chorizo.


If you have a stove top, lentil bolognese makes a great filling for omelettes. If you aren’t familiar with making filled omelettes, here is a simple recipe showing how to make omelettes with a Mexican filling. And this is a recipe of mine for a more complicated but SUPER fluffy souffle omelette and it also has a video of my kids helping make it. This version needs a mixer (so it is not super travel friendly).

5 ways to serve up lentil Bolognese that are simple, family friendly and travel friendly by Simone Emery

Food Safety with Lentil Bolognese

If you cook a batch of bolognese and freeze it in advance, it will stay out of the food safety danger zone for a while if kept insulated whilst travelling up to 5 hours of home. The golden rules for food safety are; At risk foods should not be consumed after a cumulative time above 5oC of 4hrs and; Foods should not be re-chilled after 2 hours of the food being above 5 degrees. If insulated, a frozen portion of this recipe should stay below 5oC for at least 4-5hrs and the absence of dairy and meat makes it less “risky”. I have some more food safety tips for packing foods for outings. And more about using leftover meats here. Make sure you have a (bar) fridge to store the sauce in when you get to your destination for no longer than 2-3 days.

Get my recipe for lentil bolognese here!

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