As a nutritionist and feeding specialist, I am often asked about vitamins and supplements for children.  I felt that getting Meg from Choose Nutrition to answer a few of these questions was a great idea.  This chat was aired in our Parenting Picky Eaters private facebook group at the end of last year.  The lighting isn’t amazing and my internet connection was a bit poorly at the time. I am hoping that you still love listening to all of Meg’s fantastic insights.


My take home points from this video are that

  1. Each child has different needs and you should always seek professional opinion if a nutrient deficiency is suspected.
  2. Vitamins can relieve your anxiety as a parent but should be viewed as a short term approach to getting feeding habits back on track.
  3. Always offer a rainbow of foos and lots of variety to children so that they can learn about foods.

Get the Tools

If you are stuck in a rut with your toddler, check out this 1hr video on Feeding Toddlers that I also filmed with Meg and includes a handbook and recipe book.

If you want to reduce stress by improving the language tools you are using with your child at mealtimes, check out Positive Food Talk with Kids.

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