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Simone is a children’s nutritionist based in Melbourne, Australia. Simone delivers a range of content to suit every busy parent that is struggling with a fussy eater. Simone does home based fussy eater consults in Melbourne, a unique online sensory food school, fussy eating consults online and is a guest speaker for community groups on fussy eating. Simone Emery is your mealtime cheerleader!

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Index to Navigate this Video:

0:00 – 5:04       Who I am and my experience

05:05 –  6:34    Why I believe that EMPATHY is so important in helping parents in a busy modern world and why I pride myself on          understanding parents and their journey.

06:35 –  8:10    Overall summary of all the ways that I can help you!

8:10 – 14:00     Explaining my “start now” resources!

13:56 –  14:34     Your Feeding Team – Membership hub that I run with Jo Cormack and Natalia Stasenko

14:35 – 17:20      My Initial Consultation Package, Goodbye Picky Eating, and why it is MORE than your average children’s nutrition          consultation.

17:21 –  18:49     Peer group program for Online Sensory Food School

18:50 –  21:00     How I work with community groups and my guest speaking I also love connecting with other health professionals!

Please contact Simone if you would like more information:

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