When do you get help for your fussy eater?


There is so much to be said about a parent’s intuition when it comes to knowing when to get help for our children.

 There is strength in asking for help.

Jo Cormack posted this article this week outlining the 5 questions parents should ask themselves when it comes to deciding if their child needs specialist help. And I agree that as a parent you need to #backyourself.  I believe in giving tools and tips via my website, eCourses, books and classes – all in an attempt to help parents decide on the next steps for their kids.  (Hence, you will never see me rattle off a list of ways to “cure” fussy eating).  I believe in getting to the bottom of things and sorting them out at the root cause.   During SOS feeding therapy training (a model developed by Dr Kay Toomey), I learnt so much about “red flags” for feeding issues. Here is a summary of the red flags – if these red flags are flying for you, please contact someone for additional support.  If you want help working out where to go – contact me for some recommendations across Australia & NZ.  Or if you want to read more about the transitioning of baby through the solid food milestones, read more about the developmental feeding continuum.

Red Flags for Fussy Eaters - when to get professional assistance by Play with Food  I mostly don’t believe in asking online forums (filled with people who haven’t met your child) about your child’s eating habits because inevitably someone will reassure you that “they won’t starve themselves”.  When in actual fact, when red flags are flying , children can and will cause themselves irreversible damage.  This article by Kristen Yarker highlights just how unhelpful this “well meaning” advice can be.

I didn’t want today’s post to be a rant – just a way for me to help point people in the right direction.  If you feel you have some feeding concerns with your children, but you aren’t flying those red flags my eCourse about happy mealtimes would be perfect for you.

If you do have some red flags, Grace Occupational Therapy have opened a practice in Castle Hill, Sydney.  As part of this practice, I am gladly joining the team to assist with their feeding therapy program.   Call the team at Grace to get more details on 1300 760 779.

You should also consider that parental stress, feeding anxiety on your part and your own feeding concerns/history can be considered red flags too for feeding your child and seeking help in these circumstances is also strongly recommended.  A great resource for parents is the feeding matters website that is provided by other parents that have gone through the life’s turmoil of having children with feeding difficulties.  They have an amazing board filled with the best feeding professionals and even have an online questionnaire to help you further clarify if your child has a feeding problem requiring more assistance.



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    Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid
    November 25, 2015 at 10:21 am

    Such good advice – I don’t ask for advice in forums, especially where health is concerned, because as you so rightly point out, everyone is different. When I want health/medical advice I prefer to ask a professional but I do love me a forum, they can be such fun, supportive and enlightening places to be! Great news about the new programs at the practice – here’s to happier and healthier mealtimes for all!

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