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About Simone Emery

Simone Emery is a children’s nutritionist, writer, guest speaker, foodie, mummy and all-round-cheer-leader for parents finding that feeding kids is… well… a bit of a bother. 


Simone works at a feeding therapy clinic running the SOS (Sequential Oral Sensory) approach to feeding therapy protocol. (Read more about Simone and her qualifications here.) The clinic work has inspired Simone’s passion to develop this writing platform online.


She has dedicated this fascinating space of the internet to providing practical parenting strategies to parents stuck in the feeding trenches. The content is mostly aimed at parents of 0 – 12 year olds. Yet, with her biggest work in progress – a fussy husband – Simone knows the strategies help a wider age group. The aim of Play with Food is to bring the evidence base of feeding therapy into your home in tasty bite sizes. Simone is also working on her book focusing on parenting fussy eaters through the harder parts of modern parenting. Let’s work together!

Goodbye Picky Eating with Simone Emery

Private Nutrition Support

Simone’s understanding of feeding complexities has resulted in developing an easy to follow feeding theory and home economics program (suits 2-12yrs). This program is called “Goodbye Picky Eating” and it forms the basis of her private nutrition consults. You get lifetime access to this course and you can choose from 3 levels of support/consults.  The program gives you a strong foundation in feeding theory and home application before an online play-based consultation checks for deeper root causes of feeding concerns. The sessions are very much tailored to your needs.


How to handle not-so-helpful feeding advice for your family | On by Kirsty Russell from Positive Special Needs Parenting

Collaborative SUPPORT

In addition to Simone’s private nutrition support, she has teamed up with international feeding experts, Jo Cormack  and Natalia Stasenko.


Surround yourself with people that will lift you up!


You will soon be able to join forces with Simone, Jo and Natalia for a team based approach to helping with stressful mealtimes. 



Work with Kids Feeding Specialist, Simone Emery. Writer + Speaker + Consultant | Play with Food

Other Services & Links

Simone works with other bloggers, educators and brands to bring you the best of feeding information in an easy to serve up style for your family.


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