Today we went to yum cha for the first time as a family of 4. Last week we welcomed Verity to our family. We are getting settled at home & are enjoying getting to know our new bundle of joy.

I sat during yum cha & thought about the experience from my toddler’s point of view. She was loving watching all of the carts circling around the restaurant and the hub bub of the tables around us. She insisted on trying out chopsticks. Firstly, I fed her with them. Then she invented an innovative “one stick and one hand” technique. She loved the rice parcels in pandan leaf, sesame encrusted prawn roll, snake beans and black pepper beef.

I thought that if you are looking for a way of having family style meals when dining out and if Yum Cha is an option for you – give it a go! There are lots of learning opportunities and topics for fact based food conversations.

For more information about some simple steps to introducing the family meal see this post of mine.

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